Hotel/Property/Supplier Registration Request
Our booking network serves online bookings to thousands of establishments worldwide. If you own or manage a hotel, hostel, motel, etc., you can join our network and start receiving bookings, by just filling in this form.

How it works
We act as agents for your hotel, selling through our Network of Websites, Network of Travel Agencies and Affiliates. We first agree terms with you and set up your hotel on our websites. Customers visit our websites, search for their desired product and make bookings. We then send the details of the booking to you.

How you get paid

With our flexible system, you can choose from different business models; for instance: You can either upload your net price and we mark up our commission or you can upload your BAR (Best Availability Rates) and we will apply our commission accordingly. It is simple - no delays, no fuss, and because we operate a simple commission model, you only pay commissions on the bookings we make. There are no set-up fees nor charges.

How to get started

It is absolutely FREE to start. All you have to do is fill in the application form below (that may take you 5 minutes) and we'll get back to you with all the details. Once we have signed a contract with you, we'll organize training for you in our extra-net, in which you will load room inventory, rates and any offers you would like to promote.

Account Management

You'll also be assigned a friendly Destination Manager, who will help you to make the most of your partnership. You will learn how to appear at the top in our search results ranking; You will be involved with our marketing campaigns, and we'll help you to ensure that you remain competitive and selling strongly in your local market. Destination Managers are available to you by chat, telephone or email.

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